Things Filmmakers Should Know About Screenwriting

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To be successful in the film industry, you need to you need to have an excellent group of people for screenwriting and script development. Screenwriters need to know a lot of things like film finance, money flow, how stories need to be presented to the audience etc.

The following are some of the things film makes should know about screenwriting:

Screenwriting is a collaborative work:

The job of the screenwriter is to make a good impression on the entire cast and crew. You need to get the actors to live your script so that they will be passionate to bring about the characters they are playing. Screenwriting does not only involve writing scripts and getting the story together. It’s about knowing the finance of the film, the presentation of the story to the audience etc.

Screenwriting job is not easy:

There is absolutely nothing easy in the film industry. You do not have any shortcuts. You will have to make sure that you get the entire story right.

Generic story ideas:

There are certain basic story ideas, and there are generic elements which are predictable. Some of the basic storylines include man vs women, man vs nature, man vs technology, man vs religion etc. As a producer one needs to know how to inspire the screenwriters so that they will be able to make these basic generic elements into something extraordinary. Encouraging the screen writer is one of the most important things one needs to do as a producer.

Dealing with Concepts:

There are various concepts in a film. Some of them are pretty good while others aren’t. As a producer, you need to ensure that the storywriter delivers good ideas which will create a beautiful story. Try to bring out a moral in the story as the audience will enjoy such things.

Developing the characters in the story:

Many movies fail because the characters in the movie are not appropriately defined. The main character needs to have a proper goal. If the characters fail to achieve their goal, the audience will be disappointed. The producer needs to ensure that the screenwriter builds the story in such a way that characters all have a goal which is fulfilled.

Build the story before getting to the dialogue:

One should start focusing on the dialogues only after getting the story right. Dialogue is more like the glitter which you apply on top of your story. First, you need to focus on developing the story then, you need to focus on developing the dialogues.


There will be a lot of rework and sometimes the later versions might be worse than the previous ones, but you will have to work on it and develop a script which can be used for the film.

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