Using And Handling Data

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Data Handling

I am sure that you would have wondered why people use the term ‘data’ so much and I am sure you would have wondered what the right meaning would be. Data is actually a collection of facts like numbers, words and measurements which include observations as well. Even the description of things will actually count as data. Data is also known as the information which is collected for a reason and also when that information is used for some purpose which will benefit a lot of people indeed.


There are actually two types of data, and that is qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative data is actually descriptive information, which means that it would describe something. Quantitative data is actually numerical information which means that it shows data which is in numbers, or we can say that interprets all the data with the help of numbers. In this guide, I will generally speak about data and all of its forms as well.

  • Data can actually be represented in many forms as well. It can be shown in the following ways.
  • Bar graphs
  • Pie charts
  • Line graphs
  • Pictographs
  • Stem and also some leaf plots
  • probability
  • Cumulative tables and graphs

How people collect data is actually a very complicated procedure, and these people certainly go through a lot because they will want accurate and genuine estimates which will help people when they try and look up the information.


  • They conduct surveys. Basically, what their job is, they have to go around and ask strangers a series of questions. The things about humans is that they are moody, some people are really sweet, and some are the exact opposite. The ones that will agree to talk to them will make sure to give some information that the surveyors can make use of. The people will have to face rude strangers, and they will also have to be okay with people just ignoring them outright.
  • It would be better if people cooperate.
  • If you are a surveyor, you should make sure that you do not ask too many questions as that could be considered incredibly annoying.
  • They will also have to do a lot of work after the data is collected. The work would be crucial, and it would include the comparing of the different kinds of data. After that, they will have to interpret it and make assumptions based on the legitimacy of the data that they have collected.
  • They should know that there will undoubtedly be some random variables and that they will have to find a way to work around them no matter what.
  • Data is all about information and realistic and genuine information is what is important.


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